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Pickled Faced Raggedy Annie Pattern


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Hopefully my store will be open again soon...Deena
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#347  Twiddle Sticks


This is Willow a brand new design from my "Twiddle Sticks" collection...She is only 8 1/2" tall so is a nice size for the doll collector.

Each Twiddle will come with each own personality and name!..All will vary depending on my mood of the day!...I free hand each face so their personalities will vary...They may be goofy, sad, silly, happy, ugly or just plain cute!

Each will come wearing the highest quality doll shoes bought from the Monique Company...The socks I have made. Most dolls will have Mohair hair that is wispey and thin. These dolls all still have the wire in their bodies and legs so you can change the angle they stand or tilt their heads the way you like them best!...This really makes a difference on how cute they become!

Hope you find one that grabs your heart!

Pattern to come later.




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